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Q: What is the one-year mentorship program?

A:  The one-year mentorship program is designed to ensure that students are adequately prepared and have the resources they need to enter the workforce after completing the course.  All students who successfully complete the course and pass the final examination will be able to receive support, advice and personal mentoring from their lead instructor for a full year following the class. This includes unlimited phone calls, emails, texts and scheduled video conferences on an as-needed basis.   Students who excel in class will be eligible for job referrals and recommendations.

Q: What type of student is best suited for AMA's Media Makeup Course?

A:  Any person serious about entering the field and has a natural aptitude for makeup has the potential to be appropriate for this course - regardless of age, gender, or prior experience.  Established makeup artists who work predominantly with private clients and  are interested in transitioning into media and production work are also appropriate for this course. Technique instruction can be individually adapted for all artistry levels.  

Q: What if I'm not sure what type of makeup career I want to pursue?

A:  AMA's Media Makeup Course provides a comprehensive overview of the industry and can be a great way for you to clarify which path is best suited for you.  Although the course is geared toward artists with their sights set on the media industry, its foundational nature makes it appropriate for all makeup-related career paths.  The fundamental theories and techniques are translatable to all styles of makeup, and nuances relevant to private sector clientele (i.e., Bridal, High-Fashion, Red Carpet, etc.) will be covered in class. 

Q: Do I need to bring my own makeup kit to class?

A:  If you are already a working artist and have a kit and brush set, you may bring that to use in class.  If not, we will have an AMA HD-Starter Kit that you can use during class so that you can learn more about kit-building before making any additional purchases.   All makeup products (other than brushes) will be provided for classroom use.   If you do not currently have a set of makeup brushes, we are happy to make recommendations on purchase options for brushes within different price points.

Q: What is included in AMA's HD-Starter Kit?

A:  The AMA HD-Starter Kit contains thoughtfully selected, professional-grade, HD-friendly products designed to cover a wide variety of skin tones.  It includes 12 creme foundations, 8 foundation powders, a colorless setting powder, 2 tinted mattifying gels, a mixing palette & spatula, and a variety of disposables.  HD-Starter Kits  are optional for purchase and can be ordered through AMA for $200.  The price of the kit reflects its actual retail value and is provided as a convenience for students.