Makeup Artists 1-Day Workshops

1-Day Makeup Workshops

Below is a list with a brief description of each of the 1-Day Workshops that Licensed Makeup Instructor Kat Pfender currently offers. For exact dates, times and locations - simply click on course title for all the details. If you are a director of a Cosmetology school and need a workshop customized and taught in your school - please email

The Basic Fundamentals of Makeup:

Color Theory is one of the principal foundations of everything that the makeup artist does. Successfully recognizing and matching a client's skin tone and underlying tones, good corrective and camouflage makeup, enhancing or complementing natural coloring, all relies on color as much as makeup application techniques. Also, understanding what colors cancel each other out are essential for color corrections in makeup application. Skills in contouring and highlighting are also essential in building a good solid foundation in your makeup application. This workshop covers all of those basics and will have you finish your hands-on practice with a natural makeup look.
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The Business of Bridal & Special Occasions Makeup:

This makeup workshop is for makeup artists that already have a basic understanding of color theory, contouring & highlighting and are ready to take those skills to the next level. Workshop also covers how to help a bride choose her best look during the trial run, soft selling your skincare and makeup products to the Bride and serving as her professional beauty consultant for years of residual income, how to customize the Bride's look, step-by-step makeup application, as well as business tips for working in the wedding industry. makeup workshop is ideal for those artists that already have the basics down and are pursuing a career as a makeup artist in the wedding industry. Makeup demonstration and practice will include application of primer, concealer, contouring, foundation, highlighting, setting powder, eyes, cheeks, lips, etc..
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Portfolio Building plus Makeup for Fashion and Photography

Students who have completed our Basic Fundamentals Workshop will already understand: Color Theory, Contouring & Highlight, Concealer & Corrective Makeup, Basic Beauty Makeup Application. The Portfolio Building + Makeup for Fashion & Photography is a continuation in which students will build upon their knowledge of basic makeup application with more advanced techinques, advanced eye makeup techniques, an understanding of how makeup looks on camera as well as walk away with a clear direction for building their portfolios. Class will begin with a PowerPoint Presentation followed by a demonstration by the Instructor and then students will pair up to practice on each other.
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Basic Airbrush plus Intro to Hi-Def Makeup Workshop

This class is for the beginner airbrush artist. In this class you will learn the difference between the single and dual action airbrushes, correct application using dashes and dots, illustration art techniques, airbrush equipment maintenance and trouble shooting plus hands-on practice. We proudly use Kett Cosmetics airbrush systems in this class.
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Advanced Airbrush Workshop plus Hi-Def Makeup for TV Commericals and Video Productions

Prerequisite to attending this workshop is completion of our Basic Airbrush Workshop (detailed above) and attendees will already know how to do correct dots and dashes. In this advanced workshop we will move on to more advanced techniques including eyes, contouring, and highlighting in addition to covering the business essentials to working in the commerical side of the industry doing makeup for TV commercials and hi-definition video productions.
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Career Planning and Marketing Workshop:

This workshop covers the business end of working as a Freelance Makeup Artist focusing on being self employed and turning what might have previously been considered a hobby into a lucrative, money making career. This 1-day workshop is presented via PowerPoint presentation, taking notes and goal setting activities and does not include makeup applications.
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The above workshops individually (outside of the Complete Media Makeup Course) do NOT include the starter foundations kit and do NOT include the 1-year Mentorship Program. Please click here for details regarding our Complete Media Makeup Course.

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