Students Hands-On Makeup Practice Stations

Student does not need to bring anything to class.

To keep our tuition prices low - the tuition price does NOT include a makeup kit. And only our complete Media Makeup Course includes a starter kit (empty rolling case, set of 24 makeup brushes, makeup primer, eight liquid foundations, six creme foundation palette, and a colorless HD setting powder). However, everything the student needs for hands-on practice in the classroom is provided for in classroom use. Also, students will receive instruction on how to apply for the pro-discounts offered to professional makeup artists by many cosmetic brands in order to complete building your professional makeup kit throughout the complete Media Makekup Course and one year mentorship program.

Student will also need internet access in order to complete homework assignments. Applications for Pro Discounts is covered in week one of the course with many vendors (including Kett Cosmetics) automatically approving our students (with verification of enrollment) for special or pro discounts. Also covered in week one is information regarding starting your very own makeup line with your name on it. This is a great option for those who own a salon, spa, or makeup boutique.

Supplies provided for students use during class.

Each student practice station will be equipped with at least everything pictured below, including: the Kett Jett Airbrush System, Kett Airbrush Foundations, Kett Creme Palettes, Kett Sett Powder, wide variety of makeup brushes, DaBlot Palette, Makeup Bullet, disposables, skincare products for sensitive skin, various primers, 15 shades of liquid foundations, pressed powders, eye defining pencils, lip pencils, sharpener, more than 20 eyeshadows, more than 8 blush shades, more than 10 lipsticks, lip gloss, Make Up For Ever 12 Color Flash Kit, various lashes, mascaras, and more...

In addition to the products (above) located at each individual student practice station - there is also a wall shelving unit (pictured below) with additional products for students to pull from and try, including brands such as: Chanel, Make Up For Ever, Embryolisse, Image Skincare, Arbonne, Kett Cosmetics, MAC, Jane Iredale, Youngblood, Bobbi Brown, Skindinavia, and more...

Click here for more photos of the products and of the classroom and makeup training studio.

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