General Information

Choosing Your Instructor

When you choose which makeup classes to attend it is important to make your choice based at least partially on the Instructor and the Instructor's experience in the exact same style of makeup that you are interested in pursuing as well as making sure the Instructor is a Licensed Instructor, Licensed by the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology. Choose an Instructor that has spent more time working in the industry in which you want to pursue than teaching makeup classes. The world of freelance makeup is ever evolving and it is of the utmost importance to learn the current trends and techniques. Secondly, consider the market in which the Instructor has worked in. If you want to work in New York then take classes from Instructors working in New York. If you wish to work in Atlanta then take classes from an Instructor that is currently in touch with the Atlanta market and can train you based on current market demands for the area. Kat specialized in Media Makeup for more than 10 years (2003-2014) & Wedding Makeup for more than 20 years (1993-Present) in Atlanta and throughout the Southeast.


Makeup Kits

The tuition price does NOT include a makeup kit. However, the Complete Media Makeup Course includes a starter kit which is an empty rolling case, set of 24 makeup brushes, makeup primer, eight liquid foundations, six creme foundation palette, and a colorless HD setting powder. This starter kit is included only with the Complete Media Makeup Course, it is not included with the 1-Day Workshops.


Student Practice Stations

Everything needed for the students' hands-on practice is provided in the classroom. Click here to view products and supplies in each student practice set-up and then click here for photos of our classroom and training makeup studio. Students will only bring their own makeup kits for their Final Exam after completing the 6-week series that is our Complete Media Makeup Course.


For many years our classes were held inside a rented classroom or hotel conference room in Atlanta. Recently, we obtained a business license to move the workshops into the basement level of Kat's Buford, GA home (still part of the metro Atlanta area) in Gwinnett County located in a quiet neighborhood approximately 5 miles from the Mall of GA. This business location is only open on the Mondays of class from 10am until 4pm and is opened to enrolled students only.

Click here for photos of our classroom and training makeup studio.


Class Format

The Complete Media Makeup Course + 1-Year Mentorship: Students pay for six consecutive Mondays with Licensed Instructor Kat Pfender in classroom. Each of the six Mondays will start with 1/2 day of "theory" presented by PowerPoint Presentation along with the Work Book. The second 1/2 of each training day is "practical" and includes a makeup application demonstration by the instructor and hands-on practice by the students. Students are given homework assignments to complete each week and will be presented with their certificates upon completion of all assignments and final exam. The one Year of Mentorship is a FREE bonus only for those students serious about this career. It starts on first Monday of class and is available for one full year for the students that complete all six classes and their homework assignments within 30 days of their last Monday in class. If a student fails to complete the classes or their homework assignments on time then he/she forfeits the one year free bonus.


Course Details & Pricing

Click here for all details and pricing regarding our Complete Media Makeup Course.

Enrollment Deadline

Deadline for enrollment in each class is posted on the class page. However, if the class fills up before the enrollment deadline - registration will be closed for that class regardless of the deadline.


Coming from Out-of-State?

If you are a student traveling from a nearby state (we've had many students come from Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama). We recommend that you drive in on Sunday evening and stay at the Hampton Inn near the Mall of GA then check out Monday morning before coming to class and drive home right after class. Class ends promptly at 4:00pm. Click here for link to the Hampton Inn at the Mall of Georgia.

Too far to drive? Flying in? Click here for our 2-Day Crash Course option instead.


Financing and Payment Options

For our Media Makeup Course the student has the option of paying in full at the time of enrollment, or dividing into four payments with all payments completed prior to deadline and prior to attending class, or financing through PayPal credit. Click here for more information.


Tour of Training Studio

For many years our classes were held inside a rented classroom or hotel conference room as many other makeup workshops still are. We brought all makeup and supplies needed with us to the conference room; therefore there was nothing to "tour". Recently, we obtained a business license to move the workshops into the basement level of Kat's home and built out a classroom and a training makeup studio. This business location is only open during the hours of the makeup course or workshops and is opened to enrolled students only. In order to prevent class interruption and distractions - we do not offer public tours of our training makeup studio. However, you may click here for a virtual tour.

Mail Address

Atlanta Makeup Academy
c/o Kathryn Pfender, LLC
3257 Copper Creek Lane
Buford, GA 30519