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There is no time like TODAY to start the career of your dreams. Or take your current career as a Freelance Makeup Artist to the next level.
Your Licensed Instructor, Kat Pfender (previously known as Kat Flynt) has worked as a Freelance Makeup Artist since 1993 and has been teaching basic and advanced makeup artist training since 2006. Click here for full career Bio.

This makeup course is completely different from any other makeup school, makeup classes, or makeup workshops anywhere in the Southeast. Why? Because you have a Professional Makeup Artist with more than 20 years of experience to mentor you (via Video Conference, Phone Calls, Emails) for one full year in addition to your classroom hours. Also, these classes are taught in a private makeup studio setting that emulates real life instead of the typical classroom. Click here for complete details regarding our Media Makeup Course + 1-Year Mentorship program.

Makeup Artists of all skill levels (beginner to advanced) can benefit from this series of classes. With the money making ideas and marketing techniques shared in this class - even the advanced artist can increase her revenue with the knowledge gained from this course. If you are serious about this career enough to work hard and not give up then Kat can guide you through step-by-step to put you on the road to success. It takes a little more than just being good at makeup to become a successful (money making) freelance makeup artist. This course is for those willing to work, market themselves regularly, live their dream, and make some "big girl money" so be ready....

"If I am going to train my competition then I want them to be worthy to compete with. I am not interested in filling seats - I want only those who are serious about becoming the very best they can be and are willing to work hard to succeed." Kat Pfender, Licensed Instructor and Makeup Artist

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Classroom Environment

Our Classes are limited to 8 students or less.
Lead Instructor, Kat Pfender and her Assistant Instructors are available to assist the students throughout entire hands-on practice sessions while students practice the techniques demonstrated by Instructor.
Makeup Kits
To keep our tuition prices low - the price of a complete, full makeup kit has not been added to the cost of the course, but we provide everything needed for your use during the class. Click here for details about items you do take home with you.
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What We Do?

Theory Theory is presented in a PowerPoint presentation and Workbook.
Demonstration Demonstrations are provided by professional, working, freelance makeup artists.
Hands-On Hands-on practice of multiple techniques during each day of class.
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Mail Address

Atlanta Makeup Academy
c/o Kathryn Pfender, LLC
3257 Copper Creek Lane
Buford, GA 30519